Who Doesn’t Want a Good Night Sleep…in Cosmos Bed?

Cosmos Bed / Natalia Rumyantseva

Who doesn’t want a good night sleep, if possible even under the stars? Or to imagine that you are resting among the stars in the cosmos! At such a pleasure Natalia Rumyantseva is inviting us, offering us a lovely bed. Cosmos Bed is a partially open bed that resembles a space capsule that invites you to rest and relax. This bed is designed for your maximum comfort and safety, being endowed inside with several useful facilities.

Cosmos Bed, Natalia Rumyantseva

The Cosmos Bed is equipped with a sound system that allows you to listen to relaxing music and an alarm to wake you up at the desired time. In the upper part, LEDs that mimic the starry sky are installed. It also has incorporated aromatic oils sprays that help you to remove stress and create a reassuring atmosphere. The slope of the mattress can be adjusted as each desires. It is made of fiberglass, available in white and the lights are available in a great pallet of colors. This futuristic bed can find its place in any modern home and can become the attraction of the bedroom.

designer Natalia Rumyantseva

About Natalia Rumyantseva
I’ve dreamt to become a designer since childhood. From childhood, my mother has instilled in me a love for art and culture. In 2009 I graduated from The University of Technology and Design in Saint-Petersburg, where I was born.Several years of my work brought me a number of awards,including international.
Previously, I worked on a design company for a long time, designed the interiors.
Also in my free time I design furniture and lighting.
Now I am engaged in my family and I’m looking for a factory to implement my design the «COSMOS BED» and I draw a lot of paintings with pastel materials.
My inspiration mainly comes from the beauty of organic forms. Classes in dance, sports, yoga,design have all created a vision which focuses on sensations, impressions, imagery and the psychological impact of form and color. Also I explore the question of “the influence of color on a person in painting” (in terms of psychology and art therapy).
Recently, I was fascinated by drawing trees. Drawing trees, I were inspired by the book “The hidden life of trees” of a writer Peter Wohlleben.I love the different shapes trees and leaves and I like the various structure of the bark.

designer Natalia Rumyantseva


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