Delicat Calabria Apartment in Barcelona

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Delicat Calabria Apartment in Barcelona (1)

Delicat Calabria apartment is located in Barcelona and was presented for rent by Sweet Inn.

Description by Sweet Inn: Found at Eixample left in Barcelona’s central district, this apartment is a beautiful space infused with a modern, eclectic design. The interiors are characterised by cool Scandinavian tones interspersed by accents in warm red and mustard yellow. This elegant colour palette is offset by a bold abstract wall painting that dominates one wall.

Delicat Calabria Apartment in Barcelona (2)

With a recently renovated kitchen, spacious rooms and a charming terrace with a street view, the apartment is the ideal place to relax and revive in the heart of Barcelona. You will find an ideal balance between the advantages of a hotel and a home in the light filled apartment.

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The apartment is situated in a restored, 19th century building with elevator access and modern amenities. Find yourself in an elegant environment just a few steps away from Barcelona’s vibrant local life. The apartment is situated close to Gran Via Avenue and is a five minute walk from Paseo de Gracia.

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You can explore the famous Gracia district which is loved by locals for its unique ambiance and compact squares. As the apartment is centrally located, guests can access any part of the city through the well connected public transportation system. Via Sweet Inn

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