Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

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Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Project: Dell Experience Lounge
Cushing Terrell design team:
Melissa Jones (PM, architecture)
Andrew Clements (architecture)
Kyle Johnson (architecture)
Brandon Besser (structural engineering)
Kaare Sola (interior designer)
Consultant team: Cushing Terrell (architecture, interior design, structural engineering) / Kent Consulting Engineers, LP (mechanical/electrical engineering)/ FITCH (schematic design) / Trimbuilt (contractor)
Location: Round Rock, Texas, United States

This project consisted of transforming approximately 3,000-square-feet of existing open office space into a unique, high-concept venue where Dell team members can learn about the company’s latest products. FITCH, a retail and brand consultant, provided schematic design of the space; Cushing Terrell refined the design, produced bidding and construction documents, and provided construction administration services.

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

The Dell Experience lounge is defined as a steel-and-glass enclosure. The structural frame is wrapped in gloss white plastic laminate, setting it off from the rest of the office space. The open frame is infilled with full-height structural glass to enable employees to catch glimpses of the latest products. Within the lounge, a 30-foot-long, bi-level table-bar occupies the center of the space and features the company’s products in a setting that allows employees to explore them in a hands-on environment. A custom-designed box light is situated above the table and in addition to providing ample lighting, helps to physically define the space. Stools and ottoman are available for table-bar seating. Cutting-edge audiovisual features include a multi-monitor video wall, an interactive projector wall, and a recessed drop-down screen and Dell projector. Loose seating is positioned around the room for impromptu meetings, and LED adjustable track lights and individual LED chandeliers provide auxiliary lighting.

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell produced three site-specific art pieces for the space: a ten-foot-wide by eight-foot-six-inches-tall collage of white-painted recycled computer parts; and two smaller pieces displayed under glass in custom tables. The large piece takes its inspiration from Dell’s commitment to recycling and incorporates a short text, “Dell has the world’s largest take-back program with recycling services in 78 countries and territories. Since 2007, Dell has recovered more than 1.4 billion pounds of used electronics.”

Selected Products/Materials
Mohawk carpet

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

office, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

interiors, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

work space, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

offices interiors, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

Dell Experience Lounge, Round Rock, Texas / Cushing Terrell

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