Residential ArchitectureApartmentsElegant apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

Elegant apartment in Interlomas – Kababie Arquitectos

Elegant apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

DL Apartment is a project developed by Kababie Arquitectos, an architecture firm in Mexico City. The firm is lead by Elias Kababie Kamhagi a young Mexican architect with world class vision. Following the motto “back to basis”, projects created by Kababie Arquitectos propose, without creative boundaries, a unique concept that takes into consideration technology, current trends and the global expression. Located in Interlomas, Mexico City, Mexico, this elegant apartment covers an area of 2906 square feet.

Elegant apartment in Interlomas

DL Apartment by Kababie Arquitectos
“It is the result of understanding the client in different aspects: their precious belongings and travel. The public area is divided by a fireplace, lit and covered with natural stone that integrates living and dining room wall. The rest of the walls that make this space were given the property of being great pictures with perimeter lighting to frame decorative objects that would be placed in front of them. In the guest bathroom, we opted for a vintage atmosphere with suitcases and sink support, a French wc with elevated tank and walls, passport stamps inspired by the many trips that inhabitants make.”

Location: Interlomas, Mexico City
Year: 2014
Area: 2,906 sq ft
Photographer: Jaime Navarro
Activities performed: architecture, interior design and furniture design

DL apartment in Interlomas, mexico City - Kababie Arquitectos

Elegant apartment in Mexico City

apartment interiors - Kababie Arquitectos

bedroom -apartment in Mexico City - Kababie Arquitectos

contemporary design bedroom- apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

Contemporary apartment - Kababie Arquitectos

Modern apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

kitchen- apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

contemporary bathroom - apartment in Interlomas - Kababie Arquitectos

vintage bathroom - Kababie Arquitectos

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