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Minimalist Flat in Kiev – Wood and Steel by Nelly Prodan Designs

Minimalist Flat in Kiev 1

Project: Wood and Steel – minimalist flat in Kiev
Interior Design: Nelly Prodan Designs
Team: Nelly Prodan, Lena Penyaz, Nadia Sokol
Area: 62sqm
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Photography: Sergey Savchenko

Wood and Steel is a minimalist flat conceived and designed by Nelly Prodan Designs. This 62sqm apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Project description: Flat was designed for extraordinary man. He is a very bright, kind and opens to everything new. He is engaged in business at the same time he likes traveling, reading and cooking. The main goal was is to show to every coming person that this is a male bachelor apartment. There should be a large comfortable kitchen and graphite board in the cabinet. So we decided to do a kind of symbiosis of loft and minimalism: simple laconic forms of furniture and glass partitions are combined with a brick, textures, shabby wood on the floor, walls and furniture (laminate, wood panel in the bedroom and furniture made of particleboard with aged wood texture) and metal elements (hallway area lined with metal sheets with rivets).

entry hall , Nelly Prodan Designs

The planning solution the problem was to get as much free space as possible. Apartment has a kitchen-studio and bedroom with cabinet: area where the owner will host guests and the area where it will have a rest, sleep, and work. These two zones are separated into opposite ends of the flat.

living area, Nelly Prodan Designs

We placed a large wardrobe in the center of the apartment to separate the bathroom from the rest of the space. Moreover, the main highlight of the interior is a walk-through bathroom. It’s separated from the kitchen and the bedroom with glass doors and when it’s open you can walk through the kitchen to the bedroom. Wardrobe-island in the middle of the apartment is also a wall of the bathroom.

kitchen, Nelly Prodan Designs

As the interior had to be impressive but not too expensive we decided to use laminate floor with interesting texture of threadbare tree. This texture sets the tone for the entire apartment. Laminate flowing from the floor to the wall, for it to become a great backdrop for the paintings and photos. It was a risky experiment to use metal sheets and we did not know what would be the reaction for such decisions, but he really liked it.

metal wall, Nelly Prodan Designs

Minimalist Flat in Kiev 4

bedroom, Nelly Prodan Designs

bathroom, Nelly Prodan Designs

bedroom, Nelly Prodan Designs

Minimalist Flat in Kiev 13

library, Nelly Prodan Designs

floor plan

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