Levent Apartment in Istanbul by COA Mimarlık

Levent Apartment

COA Mimarlık has designed Levent apartment for a newly married couple. The apartment is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

From the architect: The most important issue for us, was to understand the design taste, need, lifestyle, timetable and activities of the couple together as well as by person. After we summerized the couple well, we gave importance to match these datas with our interior design, products and materials to create spaces that truly fits them.

Levent Apartment 1

When the project came to us, the apartment looked super small with many doors and a corridor which also caused the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom have a dark atmosphere.

Levent Apartment 3

The building was really old so we decided to change all the asset electricity and drain. We destroyed some walls down especially from the corridor to take the daylight into the whole house and removed all the doors except the main bedroom and bathroom.

Levent Apartment 3

To show the spaces larger we used white in the whole house as main color and supported it with some specific colors in each room. Blue was used in the living room to add peace, yellow and black was added at the office area to add dinamizm, mint green was used at the bedroom to create a relaxing space. The bathroom was mainly designed in white from the walls to the furniture to look super clean and tidy.

Levent Apartment 4

We always tend to give a little independence to the customer by providing some space for them to personalize, redesign whenever they need. The tv unit was designed this way. Only the buttom cabinets and the vertical white structures are fixed, neither the racks nor the boxes aren’t. By this design, the customer can arrange the whole unit every time, in many ways. Also the wood panel with holes can provide various uses by plugging the wood pieces in.

Architects: COA Mimarlık
Project: Levent apartment
Project team: Cihan Atliman, Özlem Güler Atliman
Location: Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 78.0 m2
Project Year 2016
Photography: Alt Kat Photography

Levent Apartment 5

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Levent Apartment 16

Levent Apartment 16

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Levent Apartment 21

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