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GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture

Project: GOM House
Architects: (ma!ca) architecture
Location: Castelnau-le-Lez, South of France
Surface Area: 1800 sq.ft.
Photography: Julien Kerdraon

The GOM House was built in the ’90s. Its floor plan presents very particular proportions: a 15 metres long entrance hall which leads inside the house and a linear perspective view opening up to the garden. The parcel shape is a narrow rectangle and one facade, which is built straight on the very limits of the plot, is blind.

The kitchen was very dark due to a steel wall which separated the entrance from the garden, shutting out natural light. The bathrooms were not functional and dim too. The project goal was to improve the entering of the daylight by emphasizing the perspective from the entrance hall towards the garden.

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 1

The entire house was redesigned: two bathrooms were created, connected by a translucent window. The kitchen is now an important part of the house, directly connected to the garden life. It is the link between the indoor and the outdoor space.

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 2

Wandering around the house has become really pleasant: a green wallpaper in the long entrance hall reflects the nature outside on its graphic pattern. Linda, Philippe and their three children can now fully enjoy the garden: which was the main inspiration and the central part of the design.

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 3

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 6

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 7

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 9

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 11

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 13

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 15

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 17

GOM House / (ma!ca) architecture 18

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