Residential ArchitectureHousesGreenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

Project: Greenbelt Overlook Residence
Architects: Baldridge Architects
Contractor: Pilgrim Builders
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Year Completed: 2019
Photo Credits: Casey Dunn Photography
Text by Baldridge Architects

The Greenbelt Overlook Residence is a home for a family of three overlooking the greenbelt in Austin, Texas. At once serious and playful, this project embodies the competing influences guiding our client team. They described poles — rustic and modern, but not shabby chic or modern-rustic. Combined with a difficult site hemmed in between setbacks, protected trees and utility easements, the design proved a daunting challenge.

Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

For our part, we think the results are among the best of our work we have seen built, serving as a riposte to our earlier budget-driven white-box projects. Along with the Hill Country Residence and the Paramount Residence, this is among the most detail-rich and materially robust projects we have completed to date. A culmination of our prior work and a sign-post to the future.

Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects
Baldridge Architects in an Austin, Texas based firm that seeks to deliver durable, site and cost contextual modern designs from beginning to end. At Baldridge Architects, our practice is predicated on the basic belief that well-designed space can aspire to loftier goals than the mere provision of shelter and amenities; and it can do more than facilitate commercial or institutional goals. For us, these are our baselines—our starting points.

Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

kitchen / Baldridge Architects

bedroom / Baldridge Architects

terrace / Baldridge Architects

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