Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos

Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos

Project: Tangerine House
Architects: EIXO Z arquitetos
Authors: Daniela Zavagli, Guilherme Zorzella
Interns: Luigi Franco, Sofia Daris
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Engineering: Gama Z Engenharia
Construction: R&I Reformas e Construções
Area: 220 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Miti Sameshima

Planned for a couple of young doctors, Tangerine House is a 220 m2 residence lodged in an elongated and narrow plot, surrounded by neighbors, in the Alto da Lapa neighborhood in São Paulo. The aim was to design ample and permeable integrated spaces, offering a contemporary approach to urban living.

Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos Firstly, the columns were moved to the lateral limits of the plot, allowing for a free open plan throughout its length. In collaboration with a structural engineer: beams, hydraulic systems, and other infrastructure elements were also shifted to the perimeter of the structure, preserving the visual purity of the apparent concrete slab.

kitchen, Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos The entrance on the ground floor leads to an atrium that traverses all stories and boasts an internal garden, which, along with large floor-to-ceiling openings on both front and rear facades, ensures plenty of natural light and ventilation. On the front facade, which faces the street, a breeze block wall made of bricks creates openings that filter the movement of light into the house. For the washroom and laundry room, on the other hand, the solid bricks form a single enclosed volume within the space. The stories of the house are connected by a metallic staircase with wooden steps. Its design is sleek and concise, making it delicate and permeable to the passage of light.

brick wall, dining area, Tangerine House, EIXO Z arquitetos

On the first floor, two ensuite bedrooms for the future children face the front of the house. Natural light is controlled by means of sliding slatted panels attached to the facade. Towards the back of the lot, with openings towards the landscaped areas, the master bedroom boasts a closet, bathroom, and private balcony. The second floor houses a multipurpose space: part bar, part TV room, which opens towards a spacious terrace with a view to the city surrounding Villa Lobos park. The apparent concrete slab projects outwards, forming a canopy over the terrace.

stairs, dining area, EIXO Z arquitetos

The project favored the use of apparent materials, keeping cladding to a minimum as a way of highlighting its natural aspects. Besides the apparent concrete slabs, solid bricks arose as an important element in the identity of the project. They have also made the spaces more welcoming through their tone and texture. The use of wood, for the flooring in intimate spaces, as well as in the millwork design and choice of furniture, enhances the sensation of comfort throughout the house. Decoration items, such as vases, bowls, and other pieces in terracotta and wood, were selected with the aim of harmonizing with the materials that lend the house its identity.

staircase, EIXO Z arquitetos

bedroom, EIXO Z arquitetos

bedroom, home office, EIXO Z arquitetos

bathroom, EIXO Z arquitetos

upper level / EIXO Z arquitetos Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos

Tangerine House, São Paulo / EIXO Z arquitetos

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