HomeOffice DesignGround Workspace, Seoul / INTG.

Ground Workspace, Seoul / INTG.

The Ground Workspace is envisioned as a dynamic fusion of urban sophistication and natural serenity

entrance, INTG.
Ground workspace

Project: Ground Workspace
Architecture: INTG.
Creative Directors: Daniel Song, Kate Cho
Design Team: Kyehyun Kwon, Yezi Lee, Sunghoon Park
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Area: 897 m2
Year: 2023
Photo Credits: Yongjoon Choi

MBC Ground is a creative work environment to nurture creativity and foster a sense of rejuvenation for a Korean broadcasting company designed by Seoul-based studio INTG.

The space is envisioned as a dynamic fusion of urban sophistication and natural serenity, where employees can escape the monotony of conventional office experience and immerse themselves in an energizing, multi-sensory space that offers various types of seating.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

Custom-designed furniture in the lounge spaces enhances the level of comfort with fine-tuned color palettes and texture selections. The space is designed with a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, lush greenery, and functional design elements, all meticulously orchestrated to create an environment that sparks imagination and fuels productivity.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

The Ground workspace is divided into distinct functional zones differentiated by three different levels, each designed to cater to different aspects of creative work.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

These zones include:
A book Lounge: Located in the entranceway of the space are relaxed seating arrangements for casual conversations and quick refreshments.

A media Lounge: Raised 0.7m above the ground level, a media lounge is fitted with AV equipment and flexible seating, facilitating engaging presentations.

A meeting lounge: Open areas raised 1.4m above, the ground level is furnished with vibrant, modular seating arrangements and meeting rooms, ideal for brainstorming sessions, group discussions, and spontaneous interactions.

relaxing space, INTG.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

collective workspace, INTG.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

Ground Work Space / INTG.

conference room, INTG.

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