South Korea

Ground Work Space / INTG.

Ground Workspace, Seoul / INTG.

MBC Ground is a creative work environment to nurture creativity and foster a sense of rejuvenation for a Korean broadcasting company designed by Seoul-based studio INTG.

Seosaeng House, South Korea / Studio Weave

Seosaeng House, South Korea / Studio Weave

Set within a clifftop on South Korea’s eastern peninsula, Seosaeng House marries London-based Studio Weave’s imaginative architecture with Korean tradition in a multi-generational family home stepped to become one with the hillside.

Jeju House by Moon Hoon 15

Jeju House by Moon Hoon / South Korea

The secretive life-style of the client is presumed and imagined by the architect. Thus the bunker like home trenched into the earth, with an atrium in the middle was the first plan. The horizontal slit like villa savoye cut the home in half, one submerged, the other floating.

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 7

Optical Store in Seoul – Endpiece by Wallga + WGNB

Located in Seoul, South Korea, ENDPIECE is a small boutique selling glasses recently completed by korean studio Wallga + WGNB. The name of the store stems from the part of the glasses that is connected to the lens frame and the temple called as the end piece. From the architect: Many glasses apply their own details to

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