Restaurant Interior DesignHan Shang Lou Restaurant - Perfect Combination of Color, Aroma, Taste and...

Han Shang Lou Restaurant – Perfect Combination of Color, Aroma, Taste and Appearance

Han Shang Lou Restaurant

Design Company: Jingu Phoenix Space Planning Organization
Project Name: Han Shang Lou Restaurant
Designer: Ye Hui
Design team: Chen Jian; Lin Weibin; Chen Xuexian
Decoration design: Ye Hui, Zeng Dongxu, Li Xiaotong
Location: Chaozhou City in Guangdong Province, China
Area: around 8000 m²
Photography agency: MConcept
Main Materials: natural stones, Viro woven rattans, RJ veneers, oak woods, black and Pink-gold stainless steel, wired glass, faux finishes

The Han Shang Lou restaurant locates at the Phoenix island of Xiangqiao District in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, where the island is one of the eight natural landscapes in the ancient Chaozhou city embraced by quiet elegance and pleasant climate. Taking into consideration the natural scenery of the island, the designer successfully integrates the unique food culture of Chaoshan people with spatial designs, creating a dining space with a perfect combination of color, aroma, taste and appearance.

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 1

Less is more.
The designer seeks a balance between traditional Chinese aesthetics and the use of modern materials.
The interpretation of Chinese aesthetics is expressed through materials and interior decoration.
Combination of fiction and reality is neither strong nor plain.
It is expressed by the integration of modern and oriental classical elements.

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 2

Traditional culture is inherited and re-created.
Polished by time and history, traditional culture still has its own charm.
The continuation of traditions lies not only on symbols.
This is a combination between modern and eastern cultures.
It is of more important to apply the old to the new.
A look of extreme extravagance can be expressed by oriental culture.
What difference is the cultural feeling of an introvert elegance.

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 3

“food, clothing, shelter and transportation”
Beauty comes from daily life.
Food is also a type of aesthetics.
Tasting food has quietly become the pleasure of our lives.
A more comfortable and elegant place is provided for foodies.
It becomes a way for us to enjoy life and enjoy designing in a more direct way.

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 4

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 5

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 6

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 7

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 8

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 9

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 16

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 10

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 11

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 12

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 13

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 14

Han Shang Lou Restaurant 15

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