Hangop Bar in Den Bosch / Overtreders W

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W

Architects: Overtreders W
Project: Hangop Bar
Location: Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Photography: Reinder Bakker

The Willem II fabriek (an artist-run initiative and concert hall in Den Bosch) had a limited budget for the interior of their café. So we decided to make a design only for half of the space: we divided the two rooms horizontally in two halves. Under this line we only chose a colour; the second hand tables and chairs, walls, floor, bar and stage were all painted in this colour by volunteers from the Willem II factory. Above the colour line we designed an orange scaffolding construction to which all other items such as lighting, plants, newspapers and food are hung up.

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W 1

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W 2

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W 3

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W 4

Hangop Bar in Den Bosch, Overtreders W 5

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