Hidden Pavilion Retreat, Western Australia / Archterra Architects

Hidden Pavilion Retreat / Archterra Architects

Project: Hidden Pavilion Retreat
Architects: Archterra Architects
Location: Margaret River, Western Australia
Photo Credits: Douglas Mark Black

This additions project is located amongst jarrah and peppermint forest and grafts a contemporary pavilion onto an existing timber framed and clad house.

Hidden Pavilion Retreat / Archterra Architects

The new work consists of a reading / living room and master bedroom with bathroom and is linked to the existing house by a transparent gallery.

 Hidden Pavilion Retreat / Archterra Architects

Large sliding panel doors that disappear into the wall cavity allow a flow of space and views between the existing house and the new reading room and then through the bedroom. A frameless corner window in the bedroom enables panoramic views into the bushland surrounding the Hidden Pavilion Retreat.

open space / Archterra Architects

3m high sliding doors in the reading room link the indoors to the full height of the trees to the east and an amazing early morning light show through the trunks. Vertical cladding in dark grey tones mimic the trunks of the trees and settles the new work into the bushland setting.


About Archterra Architects
Archterra is a small architectural practice located in Margaret River, Western Australia. The office is led by Paul O’Reilly and supported by a varying group of documentation technicians, engineers and consultants as well as pepper the office dog. We aim to deliver honest, inspiring and environmentally sustainable homes and other small to medium sized projects to clients that have a respect for the natural environment and a desire to create something individual and special.

terrace / Archterra Architects

interior design / Archterra Architects

Hidden House / Archterra Architects

bedroom / Archterra Architects

bathroom / Archterra Architects

Hidden Pavilion Retreat / Archterra Architects

Hidden House / Archterra Architects

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