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Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Project: Cloud Ranch
Architecture: Best Practice Architecture
Contractor: Greg Stevenson
Location: Tieton, Washington
Completed December 2020
Size: 1110 sf (upper and lower)
Photo Credits: Rafael Soldi
Text by Best Practice Architecture

Enchanted by the Tieton landscape of endless apple fields, craggy mountains and blush-colored sunsets, our client was compelled to purchase a decommissioned apple warehouse nestled among the orchards and farms for the perfect respite and space to create. The large warehouse provided all the room for creative industry, and an 80’s camp trailer was stationed inside to provide accommodations and basic needs. Ultimately, our client envisioned a modest residence to compliment the warehouse for year-round-use.

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Not wanting to obliterate the agrarian history of the site, a modest dwelling was designed to co-exist within the agricultural buildings.

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

The Tieton weather is hot and arid in the summer, cold and often snowy in the winter, and is compounded by occasional blustery wind. To ensure the new getaway did not succumb to these abrasive conditions, the new structure was nestled near the existing warehouse to create a small, protected courtyard, and large covered exterior spaces were provided for comfortable exterior use. The large roof provides ample coverage from sun and snow while the tilt aids in deflecting the strong, predominantly northerly winds.

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

“We needed to get up(!) for the best, sweeping views of the landscape, so we designed a second floor to elevate the living space as well as a large viewing deck to see it all.” Best Practice

living room, Best Practice Architecture

Durable, minimal-maintenance and materials were necessary for this climate and also needed to be easily sourced, installed and cost effective leading to the use of ground-face block, steel structure where exposed, box-rib metal siding, fiber cement board siding, and CDX plywood. Though a new structure, it’s site location and palette make it the ultimate compliment to the apple warehouse – it feels as though it was always meant to be.

kitchen, Best Practice Architecture

The adjacent apple barn provides a home for the vintage trailer “guest quarters,” along with a full wood shop and work room. The apple storage facility doubles as a screening room and art gallery.

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

bedroom, Best Practice Architecture

bathroom, Best Practice Architecture

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

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