Residential ArchitectureHousesHouse for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

Project: House for a Photographer
Studio: ValArch ateliér
Author: Tomáš Jalůvka, Tomáš Kašík, Lenka Jalůvková
Project location: Valašská Bystřice, Czech Republic
Completion year: 2018
Built-up Area: 150 m²
Gross Floor Area:125 m²
Photographer: BoysPlayNice
Courtesy of ValArch ateliér

Premek´s land looked like a nice peaceful meadow under the forest but the whole thing looked easier than it actually was. The land lies on the border of the third and fourth zones of the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. Even though there are original buildings from the 1970s all around, we had to make a great effort to build this house for a photographer. The orientation of the plot was not quite ideal either but nothing we could not handle.

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

Creating a delicate transition between the socialist buildings and the pristine meadow was not easy. That’s why we chose the best of each element. From the existing construction the urban layout, especially the street line, and from the meadow the gentle curves of the terrain. We extended the meadow up to the roof of the bedroom and erased the boundaries between the terrain and the house. The absence of fencing only supports the natural setting of the house in the surroundings.

dining area, ValArch Ateliér

living room, ValArch Ateliér

The layout of the ground floor is clearly divided into a common entrance area, which serves the needs of the family, and at the same time, it is the front area of the photographic studio located in the attic. There is a kitchen, dining room and living room in the main living area. A separate wing to the garden is the ground floor with the meadow on the roof. In the wing, there is a bedroom with a bathroom that is shared by the whole house.

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

The attic is divided in half. One part belongs to the studio with an exit to the green roof-meadow, the other is completely under the domination of children, who have a view of the Wallachian hills through the glass gable.

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

The mini courtyard, tucked into the meadow, is covered by a green wave from the west and from the east, it naturally blends into the terrain. Here is the main oasis of peace and tranquillity of the whole house, in fact, a kind of living room without a roof.

staircase, ValArch Ateliér

A parking bay is created in the entrance to compensate for the first height difference of the plot and to create a sense of privacy by separating the private part with a semi-private front space. The absence of fencing and gates again refers to the surrounding meadows and the wild Wallachian landscape…

interiors, ValArch Ateliér

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

interiors, ValArch Ateliér

hall, ValArch Ateliér

bathroom, ValArch Ateliér

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

House for a Photographer by ValArch Ateliér

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