Residential ArchitectureLoftsIndustrial Loft Apartment in the Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan

Industrial Loft Apartment in the Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan

Industrial Loft Apartment

Project Name: Industrial Loft Apartment
Architects: TOLA architecture
Interior Design: Blankenship Design
Lighting Design: LOOP Lighting
General Contractor: Constructomics LLC
Project Location: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City
Year 2016
Photo Credit: Amy Barkow / Barkow Photo

Our clients’ love for an industrial esthetic tempered by color and texture, and their desire for a truly family-centric experience guided many of our team decisions for this spacious loft.

Industrial Loft Apartment in Chelsea

Throughout old mixes with new: newly hand crafted glass globe pendant fixtures highlight the dining space, while century old subway tile discovered during construction created an opportunity for a decorative niche above the new buffet cabinet. In the Powder Room a reclaimed single leg sink offsets a much more contemporary porcelain tile.

Industrial Style Apartment

Every aspect of the exposed ductwork, copper piping, and electrical conduit was designed to be seen and beyond view, state of the art sound attenuation, central cooling, and humidification provide comfort and quiet retreat from the vibrant neighborhood below.

Chelsea Apartment, TOLA architecture

TOLA architecture, industrial style, kitchen

exposed ductwork, copper piping, and electrical conduit

Apartment remodel in Chelsea, TOLA architecture

Chelsea residential, industrial aesthetic

bathroom, TOLA architecture

Industrial Loft Apartment by TOLA architecture

New York City apartment, TOLA architecture

cabinet, closet, wardrobe, loft apartment

Industrial Loft Apartment, home office, Chelsea, Manhattan

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