Industrial Studio Apartment in Kiev by 2B.Group Architects

Industrial Studio Apartment

Project: Industrial Studio Apartment
Location: Solomensky, Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 40 sqm
Photography: Andrey Bezuglov

The industrial studio apartment belonging to photographer Andrey Bezuglov is a captivating space located in the Solomensky district of Kiev. Designed by architects Slava Balbek and Anna Kruglova from the Ukrainian architecture firm, this 40-square-meter studio apartment is a testament to innovative design and creative use of space.

Situated in an old Khrushchev building, the apartment retains some of its original industrial charm, with exposed brick walls and concrete ceilings. The architects embraced this industrial aesthetic and incorporated it into the overall design, creating a bold and distinctive interior that reflects the creative personality of its owner.

Despite its compact size, the studio apartment feels spacious and well-planned. The open-plan layout maximizes the available space, creating a seamless flow between the living, sleeping, and working areas. Clever storage solutions and multi-functional furniture are integrated throughout the apartment, ensuring that every inch of space is utilized effectively.

The design palette is predominantly neutral, with black, white, and grey tones complemented by splashes of vibrant color in the furnishings and artwork. This creates a stylish and contemporary backdrop that allows the owner’s photography and artwork to take center stage.

Overall, the industrial studio apartment is a perfect blend of form and function, combining innovative design, creative use of space, and a bold aesthetic to create a unique and inspiring living environment for its creative bachelor owner.

Industrial Studio Apartment 1

Industrial Studio Apartment 2

Industrial Studio Apartment 3

Industrial Studio Apartment 6

Industrial Studio Apartment 7

Industrial Studio Apartment 10

Industrial Studio Apartment 12

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