Product DesignWhen Tables Become Modern Art Marvels

When Tables Become Modern Art Marvels

Herve Van der Straeten - when tables become modern art marvels

Tables are very common pieces of furniture in every home, but common is definitely not the adjective to describe the brilliant tables deigned by the French artist Herve Van der Straeten! Made of extraordinary materials, in amazing shapes and having elegant lines, these tables are real art works. The guéridon (a type of table that firstly appeared in France in the 17th century and generally describes a circular table sustained by one or more columns) is redefined by Herve Van der Straedten’s Gueridon Substance 302.

This work reminds of modern sculpture that no longer reflects reality but creates a different one. Made of bronze, painted in black, the table becomes a subject for contemplation by the vivid curved line of the column. The surface is an imaginative game of shapes and lines, thus creating a different story to follow. The table has a discreet glitter that lets light caress its form.

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Inspired by the Oriental furniture pieces, the so called coffee tables have the French equivalent- Trio de Bout de Canapé and consist in three small tables that can be easily moved for guests to put their tea or coffee on. Herve Van Straeten gave a new dimension to these as well, by creating three subtly elegant tables made of pale green stone and having elegant dark chocolate color legs. The surface of the tables reminds of Lotus leaves.  I find this Trio extremely chic!

Herve Van der Straeten - art marvels

A console is generally used as support of an electronic device such as the TV, but a gifted interior designer may transform it in art jewelry. Console Psychose 340 is my favorite piece of Herve Van Der Straeten collection. This masterpiece of modern design has only been conceived in only 40 copies. No matter if it is red, prune, and dark purple or black this table is a dance of shapes, an aspiration and obsession for beauty in vibrant waves.

Herve Van der Straeten - when tables become modern art marvels If the pieces above mentioned are rather subtly beautiful, Table Modulation 375 is simply glamorous! Made of bronze in black and gold, this exclusive piece will make a strong impression in any home. The sustaining column creates the illusion of a blossoming garden while the surface has again the amazing game of shapes that we found at the Gueridon.
Real poems of style, elegance and inspiration, the work of Herve Van der Straeten transforms ordinary pieces of furniture into exclusive art marvels!

Herve Van der Straeten - art marvels Herve Van der Straeten - art marvels

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Herve Van der Straeten - when tables become modern art marvels

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