Residential ArchitectureHousesKiawat House - Coastal Retreat for a Atlanta Family

Kiawat House – Coastal Retreat for a Atlanta Family

Kiawat House

Kiawat house by Lee Kleinhelter Interior Design is a vacation home designed as a retreat for a busy Atlanta family. The award winning architecture and private lush landscape made for a unique coastal project. The empty space allowed Lee the opportunity to develop a scheme from scratch. She used hues that complimented the exterior views without competing with the modern architecture. It was important to keep the space fun and practical for a family with an active lifestyle. Photography Sarah Dorio

Kiawat House 1

Kiawat House 2

Kiawat House 3

Kiawat House 4

Kiawat House 5

Kiawat House 6

Kiawat House 7

Kiawat House 8

Kiawat House 9

Kiawat House 10

Kiawat House 11

Kiawat House 12

Kiawat House 13

Kiawat House 14

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