MAD Apartment by JAAK Design / Hong Kong

MAD Apartment

MAD Apartment is a studio home designed by JAAK Studio in Hong Kong. The name JAAK, a homophone of cantonese pronunciation – “宅 (home)“, is an opening statement for founders Chau and Calvin to redefine contemporary living.

Project description: Decidedly a DINK (Double Income, No Kids) couple client, we broke the house free of rigid partitions provided by developers by creating an open studio. The open plan provided a multiplier for natural sunlight and use of light toned furnitures to enhance the spaciousness of the apartment.

MAD Apartment 1

The parti is evolved from a furniture centerpiece supplied by our star hairdresser client with great love to mid century modern mixed matched with new elements.

MAD Apartment 2

The sofa was designed by Stephen Kenn, utilizing mid century modern principles with a twist of his denim obsession – juxtaposition of avant garde and rigorousness. We took this particular furniture as a cue to design the apartment by evolving interior components around its design language.

MAD Apartment 3

A special cross sectioned “column” is placed in the back of the sofa near exterior wall, not only paying a tribute to the signature column of Mies Van der Rohe, but also providing a wiring space for the headboard shelf.

MAD Apartment 4

By matching another mid century iconic chest by Charlotte Perriand to the sofa, the motives of the chest is expanded to the scale of the interior as built-in furnitures with different design variations, such as rotation, re-scaling and witty adaptation.

MAD Apartment 5

Just like the Stephen Kenn’s sofa, the house is anchored in mid century modern but filled with twists of contrasting components such as avant garde golden coffee table to go with the denim sofa and a street lamp to create intricate balance to a monotonous white wall.

MAD Apartment 6

In the end, a mix and match of furniture design history is fitted into an apartment, creating an equally, if not more, interesting new kind of apartment space.

Designer: JAAK Studio
Project: MAD Apartment
Area: 850 sf
Location: Fo Tan, Hong Kong
Completed: November 2016

MAD Apartment 7

MAD Apartment 8

MAD Apartment 9

MAD Apartment 10

MAD Apartment 11

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