Residential ArchitectureHousesTall Pony Ranch by Miller Roodell Architects

Tall Pony Ranch by Miller Roodell Architects

Tall Pony Ranch

Tall Pony Ranch is a vacation home completed by Miller Roodell Architects, located in Montana, US.

Connecting the living spaces to the outdoors was important to this Los Angeles couple. Thus the two hewn buildings, one a barn and the other a homesteader’s cabin, create a private, yet open flow between the spaces. The woman’s years spent living in Paris guided the blue and ochre color palette as well as the garden directly off the kitchen.

Tall Pony Ranch 1

Tall Pony Ranch 2

Tall Pony Ranch 3

Tall Pony Ranch 4

Tall Pony Ranch 5

Tall Pony Ranch 6

Tall Pony Ranch 7

Tall Pony Ranch 8

Tall Pony Ranch 9

Tall Pony Ranch 10

Tall Pony Ranch 11

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