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KWC DAN – an Iconic Faucet Line by NOA Intelligent Design

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Projected by NOA Intelligent Design from Germany, KWC DAN is an iconic faucet line that manages to merge the surprising simplicity, strong innovation and fascinating uniqueness. KWC DAN boasts a surprisingly pure aesthetic style, paring down the archetypal faucet shape to a flat, circular disc.

The flow and water temperature can be operated and controlled intuitively and precisely by using two embedded devices in the left and right of the disc. Subtle light signals from the stainless steel disc indicate various positions and functions. Minimalist and with a distinguished aesthetics, every detail of KWC DAN faucet line is characterized by the highest precision and quality.

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About NOA Intelligent Design
NOA began as a product design studio in 2000, after Michael Lammel and Bertrand Illert decided to work as partners. The duo met in Italy and shared common backgrounds and visions on the industry. Today, NOA is more than just ‘product design’. Due to the strong interdisciplinary team of designers, architects and researchers based in Aachen and Barcelona, we are experts in product strategy and product support as well.
We develop forward-looking product solutions and user experience design. Our results are based on a strong user and market research and the development of future scenarios combined with a solid knowledge in technology transfer, aesthetics and user lifestyle. In the contemporary design process testing and refining play an important role. That is why we use tools like the following to create fascinating product solutions that people love.

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