Lens House / Obra Arquitetos

Lens House Obra Arquitetos

Architects: Obra Arquitetos
Project: Lens House
Project Team: João Paulo Daolio, Thiago Natal Duarte, Diogo Cavallari (colaborador)
Location: São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil
Structural calculation: Rodrigo Freitas
Construction: Truzzi engineering
Photography: Nelson Kon

Lens House is a private residence completed in 2016 by the Brazilian studio Obra Arquitetos. The house is located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.

From the architect: House built for a couple with the idea of providing a contemplative and reflective space. This theme was addressed in two ways:
– A more intimate, where the whole house is organized around a small patio and differences in levels. Nature, on this small scale, can be observed according to the variations of the seasons.
– A curved glass was drawn so that the patio space had no segmentation at its edges and space could be seen through a lens.

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 1

The theme was also approached on the scale of the landscape. The land has a wide view of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Thus, starting from the most intimate dimension, traveling almost a spiral, one can climb up on the landscaped roof and observe the landscape amplitude.

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 2

The levels were chosen so that it could be observed over the house of the left lateral neighbor, increasing still the perception of the amplitude of the Mountain range. In this way the house appropriates the surrounding landscape. The mantiqueira mountain is part of the garden of the house.

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 2

For these purposes, the house, the inventiveness of solutions and details allow a simplicity and objectivity of the project, privileging comfort and not the spectacle.

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 3

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 5

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 6

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 7

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 14

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 8

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 9

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 10

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 11

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 12

Lens House Obra Arquitetos 13

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