London Penthouse Renovation for a Young Art-Collector Couple

London Penthouse

Famous interior designer Fernanda Marques  is responsible for the renovation of this London Penthouse for a young family.

The young art-collector couple with two children wanted to revamp their 3-floor haven in London’s Belgravia. The architect was charged with fitting the valuable collection of art and design into day-to-day life in this penthouse apartment. In order to achieve the required balance, an in-depth study of materials and colours was required.

London Penthouse 1

In order to create brighter and more spacious rooms, many walls were knocked down, reducing the number of doors to the indispensable ones. By letting in more light, the unique space was unified. Photography Fernando Guerra

London Penthouse 2

London Penthouse 3

London Penthouse 4

London Penthouse 5

London Penthouse 6

London Penthouse 7

London Penthouse 8

London Penthouse 9

London Penthouse 10

London penthouse 12

London penthouse 13

London penthouse 14

London penthouse 16

London penthouse 17

London penthouse 17

London penthouse 18

London penthouse 19

London penthouse 19

London penthouse 20

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