Back Bay Penthouse, Boston / Hacin + Associates

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Back Bay Penthouse, Boston / Hacin + Associates

Project: Back Bay Penthouse
Architects: Hacin + Associates
Contractor: The Holland Companies
Metalworker: Bartek Konieczny
Millworker: William Bray Cabinetmaker
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Completion Date 2017
Size 5,800 SF
Photo Credits: Bob O’Connor

Back Bay Penthouse was conceived as a ‘home base’ for a couple and their extended family. The design team faced the challenge of incorporating the clients’ desire for a clean, minimal space into the historic context of the Back Bay. The subsequent residence was borne from a curated selection of natural, carefully-crafted elements that work together to create a modern identity amidst the tradition and formality of its surroundings.

Back Bay Penthouse, Boston / Hacin + Associates

The project’s concept is a celebration of American industrial design and supports the work of emerging artists and craftspeople. This focus inspired the use of unassuming organic materials and layered, natural textures, such as woven paper carpets and clay walls. A level of humility exists in the forms throughout the penthouse, honoring the client’s wish for a timeless, meditative space.

Back Bay Penthouse, Boston / Hacin + Associates

Unique metalwork, such as the custom-built stair, celebrates the client’s background in developing innovative technology for detailed metal fabrication. Similarly, black steel windows punctuate the home’s street view, framing Boston’s characteristic red brickwork. Outside, the penthouse includes multiple terraces with 360-degree views.

kitchen / Hacin + Associates

dining room / Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

Back Bay Penthouse, Boston / Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

living room / Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

bedroom / Hacin + Associates

master bedroom, Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

Four51 Penthouse / Hacin + Associates

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