Hanoi Minimalist Apartment / Kây Architecture JSC

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment

Recently completed by the Vietnamese studio Kây Architecture JSC, this Hanoi minimalist apartment was designed in a modern style, open space and maximum usability of the home. Overall the apartment include the main space: Open space (including kitchen, multipurpose room, living room, dining room); master bedroom and bathroom for the living room area.

Apartments are opened with the family’s own logo right in the lobby. This was followed by an open space with functional zones separate space: kitchen, living room + dining, multipurpose room. Locker system at the center extends from the living room to the multipurpose room, features oak wood grain, high capacity. A special thing is the door of the bathroom at the living room area is hidden behind the locker system. Versatile areas are separated by fabric curtains, with the cabinet system, combines a roll-away bed which will be sometime by the guest. The living room area is combined with the dining area have 2 large sofa and some small modules for layout flexibility.

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 1

The master bedroom separate from the open space outside by glass wall and elevation. This makes the apartment space feel larger, natural light from the bedroom’s windows and living room are fully utilized, helping apartments have better ventilation. The master bedroom has minimalist design, gently accompanied by large bathrooms enough for both husband and wife.

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 2

Cats are special members of this family. Here, four cats with have their own toilet area designed inside the hidden toilet behind the locker system. The toilet area for cats has an extractor fan, cabinets for hanging cats’s clothes and for some cats’s special items such as sand , food, medicine … They also have their own entrance to the master bedroom with the owner and some more stuff designed for them to play.

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 3

The borderline between the master bedroom and social area, are defined by a glass panel with the objective of allowing in maximum light. Comes with paths for cats, they are free to access every single corner of the house. Cats also have water closet and built-in locker of their own with private entrance.

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 4

Walls were removed to merge the old living room, kitchen and dining room into one single, open space. Used to be a ‘4 walls bedroom’, now it becomes a multipurpose room with a folding bed built-in. Dividing by a curtain and a million eyes-ceiling, the room is easier to breath than ever. The house was originally made up of small individual spaces, meaning it received little natural light. To counteract this issue, walls in master bedroom were swapped for glass.

Architects: Kây Architecture JSC
Project: Hanoi Minimalist Apartment
Architect in Charge: Hung Nguyen
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Area: 110.0 m2
Photography: Thien Thach

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 5

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 6

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 7

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment8

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 9

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 10

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 11

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 12

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 13

Hanoi Minimalist Apartment 14

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