PhotographerFernando Guerra PhotographyGraca Apartment in Lisbon / Fala Atelier

Graca Apartment in Lisbon / Fala Atelier

Graca Apartment

Fala Atelier has recently completed Graca Apartment, a small but bright and comfortable home located in Lisbon, Portugal.

The apartment lies in an unremarkable building in Lisbon. Its obsolete fragmented typology presented a series of small rooms, some devoid of natural light, and an impractical exterior bathroom. The intervention aimed to erase these faults and to clarify the use of the available surface: a gently curved wall was extended from façade to façade, defining the limit between a vast common space and the different private rooms.

Graca Apartment 1

The long main space serves as living but also as dining and kitchen area; it is a living gallery rather than a living room. Its curved wall is punctuated by hand-painted doors in different shades of blue, hanging detached from the floor like a set of monochrome paintings. There is a carefully calibrated clash between the lightness of the curve and the rigidity of its elevation.

Graca Apartment 2

The materials and orientations of the floors underline the functional distinction through the apartment. A small roof area was reclaimed behind the back façade: the new courtyard-like space provides an exterior addition to the living room, natural but unexpected for an apartment on a second storey.

Architects: Fala Atelier
Project: Graca Apartment
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Project Team: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Clara Pailler, Mariana Silva, Lera Samovich
Project Year 2016
Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Graca Apartment 3

Graca Apartment 4

Graca Apartment 5

Graca Apartment 6

Graca Apartment 7

Graca Apartment 8

Graca Apartment 9

Graca Apartment 10

Graca Apartment 11

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