Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

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Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

Project: Madrona House Addition
Architects: Best Practice Architecture
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Photography: Mark Woods

A contemporary addition to a 100-year-old house in Madrona including an expanded family room, comprehensive remodel to the kitchen living room and dining room as well as a series of new decks on multiple levels with amazing views of Lake Washington. In addition there will be a new detached garage and all new landscaping. Work completed in collaboration with Robert Arnesen.

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

terrace / Best Practice Architecture

cedar facade / Best Practice Architecture

kitchen / Best Practice Architecture

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

dining room / Best Practice Architecture

bathroom / Best Practice Architecture

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

garden terrace / Best Practice Architecture

Madrona House Addition / Best Practice Architecture

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