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South End Residence by Peter Braithwaite Studio

South End Residence

South End Residence by Peter Braithwaite Studio is a bungalow house located in the historic South End of Halifax, Nova Scotia, near the cities largest municipal park.

From the architect: The project was a complete redesign and transformation of a dated house in a traditional neighborhood into a contemporary residence. The design intent was to pay homage to the historical neighborhood by maintaining the original form of the structure while modernizing the aesthetic and detailing. We endeavored to create a home that suited the client’s contemporary taste and lifestyle while remaining perceptive to the surroundings.

South End Residence 1

This was accomplished through the removal of a number of interior walls and vaulting the ceiling in the great room to create a large open central gathering space. The window openings were also increased in size; these larger windows flood the new spaces with ample natural light and provide views of the foliage in the back garden.

South End Residence 3

The inoperable garage was converted into a covered entrance with ample storage for bikes and recreational equipment. This space was topped with a semi private balcony off of one of the three bedrooms that provides an area to relax in the sun during the summer months and offers views over the quiet neighborhood street.

kitchen, Peter Braithwaite Studio

The result is a carefully considered interior space that supports family interaction, reflects the clean lines of modern aesthetic and displays thoughtful detailing. The exterior, on the other hand, continues to participate in the traditional language of the neighbourhood through its form and materials, but distinctively hints at what awaits inside.

kitchen, Peter Braithwaite Studio

As a design build company we are responsible for all aspects of design and physical construction. We find that this way of working allows us to address the inevitable difficulties that arise throughout a project at both the design and construction level. In this particular project everything from the initial demolition to the custom millwork fabrication and installation was included in our scope and we were able to work through solutions in a way that reflected the overall design intent.

Architects: Peter Braithwaite Studio
Project: South End Residence
Design: Peter Braithwaite + Devin Harper + Sawa Rostkowska
Project Staging: Attic Furnishings
Artwork: Christopher Joyce
Floors: Scotia Floor Care
Rendering: Ryan Nelson
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Photographs : Julian Parkinson (Format Films)

South End Residence 5

South End Residence 6

living room, Peter Braithwaite Studio

living room, Peter Braithwaite Studio

South End Residence 9

fireplace, Peter Braithwaite Studio

South End Residence 12

interior design, Peter Braithwaite Studio

South End Residence 13

South End Residence 14

bathroom, Peter Braithwaite Studio

bedroom, Peter Braithwaite Studio

South End Residence 18

South End Residence 19

South End Residence 20

South End Residence 21

South End Residence 22

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