Maison Noire – Duplex Apartment for a French Family / Rosko Design

Maison Noire

Maison Noire is a duplex apartment for a small French family combined a great love of authors to the traditional style and modern non-trivial solutions. The project was completed by Rosko Family Design, a Ukrainian design studio founded by Anatoliy Rosko and Katerina Rosko.

The design of this apartment – this is the story of nature, flowers, modern art and story of the family, who’s going to live hear.

Maison Noire 1

Dark, deep color of the walls was chosen as the main color, to create an atmosphere of intimacy and seclusion. Vintage tapestry -formed the basis of the composition, this is a remake of family relic ​​- the gobelin, which is passed from generation to generation.

Maison Noire 2

Unusual for this style became a concrete wall in the dining room with hand-painted frescoes of buds pions.

Maison Noire 3

This house -some kind of symbiosis, where tender tribute to the family tradition interwoven with contemporary art and unexpected interior solutions, which is the most characteristic for this family.

Maison Noire 4

Author trait -is a decorative ring, which is integral to every project of Rosko Family Design, here realized in the form of decorative berry wreath, play along to naturalistic theme and colors of this project.

Designer: Rosko Family Design
Project Title: Maison Noire
Project team: Anatoliy Rosko and Katerina Rosko
Location: Paris, France
Year of realization: 2016
Area: 240 sq.m.
Photography: Courtesy of Rosko Family Design

Maison Noire 5

Maison Noire 6

Maison Noire 7

Maison Noire 7

Maison Noire 9

Maison Noire 10

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