Loft Panzerhalle Salzburg / Smartvoll

Loft Panzerhalle

Loft Panzerhalle is a extraordinary apartment designed by Viennese studio Smartvoll.

Project description: It was decades ago, when tanks used to be repaired in the old brick lined wall so called ‘Panzerhalle’ in Salzburg. If you visit this building today, you will find market stands, coworking spaces, restaurants and a loft apartment that combines highest standards of interior design with a breath taking room volume.

Loft Panzerhalle 1

Smartvoll won a competition in which a space of 350m2 should be remodeled to become an extraordinary loft apartment in the old ‘Panzerhalle’.

Loft Panzerhalle 2

The challenge was to preserve the historic space and environment and to fill the room with daylight, instead of artificial illumination. Furthermore one should be confronted with the most spatial experience.

Loft Panzerhalle 3

Instead of creating an ordinary second level such as a gallery, we decided to move the sleeping areas to the margin, placing them directly at the windows with a breathtaking view from the bed on to the Salzburg mountains. There by the center of the room offered enough space for a remarkable staircase with various functions such as separating the living areas from the entrance and illuminating the flat with natural light from the ceiling.

Loft Panzerhalle 4

Hidden underneath this concrete centerpiece, the kitchen made of lavastone, stretches between the two terraces. This multifunctional kitchen unit, in which herbs can be grown, serves as working-, eating-, and communication area. Staircase and kitchen are generously surrounded by the living room, the working place and the entertainment area framed by the old brick lined walls.

Loft Panzerhalle 5

Due to the spacious apartment consisting of 8 meters room height, we could additionally create a separate relax- and spa area with a sauna and cosy fireplace. On top of this, the transparent shower cabin with lanternslide, gives you the feeling of floating 4 meters above the ground- in the middle of the loft.

Loft Panzerhalle 6

Through this project, not only the ‘Panzerhalle’ was restyled with temporary design and functional architecture, but also the whole historic building has got affected by this visionary step.

Architect: Smartvoll
Project: Loft Panzerhalle
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Area: 350 sqm
Photography: Smartvoll

Loft Panzerhalle 12

Loft Panzerhalle 7

Loft Panzerhalle 13

Loft Panzerhalle 8

Loft Panzerhalle 9

Loft Panzerhalle 10

Loft Panzerhalle 11

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