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Matryoshka House / Shift Architecture Urbanism

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism

Architects: Shift Architecture Urbanism
Project: Matryoshka House
Team: Thijs van Bijsterveldt, Oana Rades, Harm Timmermans, Thomas Grievink, Sara Frikech
Partner: Johan van Sprundel – Makina
Structural engineer: B2CO
Construction: 13 Speciaal
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Photography: Noortje Knulst

Matryoshka House transforms an early 20th century townhouse into two high-end apartments by radically opening it up. Situated in the center of Rotterdam, the house was in a derelict state due the previous owner’s conversion of it into a sub-standard workers’ hotel. Bothered by the neglect, a neighbor acquired the property and gave Shift architecture urbanism the commission to give it an extreme makeover.

The house was stripped to nothing but its envelope and flooring structure, the later partly removed in each unit to create double-height living spaces. The private spaces are suspended in these tall spaces creating the matryoshka effect: a box within a box.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 1

The lower apartment features double-height spaces at both the front and rear façade, isolating the volume of the bedrooms and bathroom as floating in its center. The two voids provide the living areas of this 14m deep half-basement level with plenty of daylight.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 2

The upper apartment is conceived as an inversion of the mass-void relationship of the lower apartment. Here the bedrooms, rather than the voids, are placed against the façades, opening up a spectacular double-height space at the center of the apartment, brightly lit by a large skylight.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 3

The historic elements of the street façade were restored. The rear façade was removed entirely and replaced by a portal frame construction in galvanized steel providing structural stability. A large sliding door and three floor-to-ceiling double doors ensure that both living rooms can be fully opened up towards the garden.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 4

In the center of the apartments a single galvanized steel cladded volume incorporates stairs, toilets, storage spaces and kitchen equipment. A free-floating kitchen island finished in white tiles stands at the heart of each apartment.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 5

The interior of the house is a dialogue between old and new, contemporary and traditional, polished and rough, finished and unfinished. When possible original details of the old house were preserved.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 6

Brickwork was left exposed and roof trusses left bare, stained glass window panes were restored and placed within new frames. Warmer materials and colors balance the use of reflective metal, concrete and black steel.

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 7

Matryoshka House - Shift Architecture Urbanism 8

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