Residential ArchitectureHousesMayne Street Residence by Cameron Anderson Architects

Mayne Street Residence by Cameron Anderson Architects

Mayne Street Residence

Located in Gulgong, New South Wales, Mayne Street Residence is an expansion project completed in 2016 by Cameron Anderson Architects.

Mayne Street Residence is a contemporary extension to an existing heritage listed dwelling in order to accommodate a growing young family within the sensitive Heritage context of Gulgong NSW. The extension responds sensitively to the prevailing scale and materiality of the existing heritage buildings, while allowing each of the buildings to “breathe” and retain their historical integrity.

Mayne Street Residence 1

Built form and mass is reduced through the careful composition and interplay of the contextual brick work and sheet metal cladding while maximizing the internal volume of the space that sits within the heritage roof height. A new external dining space helps mediate between the old and the new, while the existing heritage fabric is largely kept untouched and visible from the new spaces.

Architects: Cameron Anderson Architects
Project: Mayne Street Residence
Location: Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia
Contractor: Pirie Homes
Structural and Civil Engineer: Acor Consultants
Land Surveyor: de Witt Consulting
Photography: Amber Hooper

Mayne Street Residence 2

Mayne Street Residence 3

Mayne Street Residence 4

Mayne Street Residence 5

Mayne Street Residence 6

Mayne Street Residence 9

Mayne Street Residence 7

Mayne Street Residence 8

Mayne Street Residence 10

Mayne Street Residence 11

Mayne Street Residence 12

Mayne Street Residence 13

Mayne Street Residence 14

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