Mykonos Office – an Ergonomic and Elegant Workspace / Eleftherios Ambatzis

Mykonos Office

Mykonos Office is a personalized workspace conceived and designed by Greek architect Eleftherios Ambatzis.

Project description: For this project, the architect, took a clear lead from his client, as to how he envisions the space where he will be spending most of his working hours and designed an office that is both ergonomic and elegant. Every piece of furniture is designed specifically to fit the owners needs.

Mykonos Office 1 The office space comprises of two rooms, the reception hall and the main office area. What strikes you when entering the space is the ample natural light along with the boundless views of Mykonos and its neighbouring islands. The building housing the office, is premium located on the top of a hill overlooking the islands of Rinia, Syros and Tinos, while only a short stroll away from the buzzing centre of Mykonos town.

Mykonos Office 2 The focal point in the reception hall is the millipede desk, which features a base made of countless bronze bars, resembling the million legs of the creature it was named after. The top of the desk is lined with palisander wood veneer. Bronze is used abundantly in the space, as it reflects both literally as well as conceptually on the exuberant colours of the golden Greek sun. Opposite the millipede desk sits the hatstand also made of bronze. The hatstand’s shape nods to the shape of the prickly pear cactus trees, native to the island of Mykonos.

Mykonos Office 3 Ιn the main office area, the impressive bent desk steals the show. The desk, both structurally amazing as well as monumental in size doesn’t fail to excite. The desks steel frame is covered in wrought iron which is painted the colour of bronze. From the wall behind the desk, looms a shelving unit in the shape of the owners signature also made of wrought iron and painted white. Next to the desk sits a round meeting table made of steel and painted the colour of bronze with a palisander wood veneer lined top. The bronze knit bookshelf gives the impression that books float. The bespoke look of the space is completed with details such as the bronze and copper ceiling lights, the marble flower pots and the hand blown glass vase.

Mykonos Office 4 The inspiration for Bent comes from the idea of bending a sheet of metal to form a new elevated horizontal level. Half a ton in weight, the steel desk appears as though it is about to fall, but is perfectly weighted and very stable due to a complex structure hidden under its “skin”. Created following an intensive series of calculations regarding gravity, mass, and equilibrium, 400 kg of concrete are cast into its base and covered in forged iron. The top surface of the desk is lined in palisander veneer wood.

Architectural – furniture design: Eleftherios Ambatzis
Project: Mykonos Office
Structural engineer: Spyridon Apostolou
Photography: George Fakaros

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