Residential ArchitectureHousesNF House by Navot Rubin Architecture

NF House by Navot Rubin Architecture

NF House

NF House was designed by Navot Rubin Architecture for a family with four children. The house has an area of 260sqm and is located in northern Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The main staircase located in the center of the house divides each floor to two parts: The ground floor is divided to living room and master bedroom, the 1st floor separates the children rooms, and the basement is splitted to a gaming area and guests unit. Natural materials were used, such as exposed concrete and woodworkPhotography by Shai Epstien

NF House 3

NF House 4

NF House 5

NF House 6

NF House 7

NF House 8

NF House 9

NF House 10

NF House 11

NF House 12

NF House 14

NF House 2

NF House 1

NF House

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