Obed Buffet by Studio G-sign

Obed Buffet - Studio G-sign (8)

Obed Buffet from St. Petersburg is the first fast-food restaurant of the Ginza Project company developed by the design studio named Studio G-sign. With an interior design full of naturalness and luxuriant decors, the entire location expresses freshness and vitality, a truly unique atmosphere with a genuine welcoming spirit.

Combining surfaces made of warm wood with stone, using a multitude of light sources and diversified decor elements from around the world, the designers have made from Obed Buffet a restaurant that sets a new standard for a fast food location. Intelligently arranged on an area of over 800 square meters, the restaurant is friendly and provides domestic comfort in an environment adorned with graffiti, mural drawings and domestic furniture that mimic the kitchen from home.

Obed Buffet - Studio G-sign (9)

The richness of the green plants, crates with exposed fresh fruits and the raw wooden kitchen furniture give to the restaurant great freshness and a welcoming atmosphere, that subtle invites you to spend wonderful moments with friends or family.

The present dishes from the menu are described by the drawings made on the walls. Also, the tables are painted with recipes, the ice cream machine is stylized as an ice cream cone, a wall is adorned with broken shards of ceramic ware and part of counter is made of cans.

Realized with a lot of imagination by the designers from Studio G-sign, Obed Buffet is a bright spot with a warm and attractive Mediterranean atmosphere, that invites you to taste delicious dishes prepared by chef Alexander Belcovich.

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