Alejandro de la Vega Zulueta

About Alejandro de la Vega Zulueta
Alejandro de la Vega Zulueta is an award- winning Architect devoted to art, Interior design & architectural practice since 1987, established in Mexico City as design principal at Estereotomi and Entasis Architects.

His practice has a diverse portfolio of projects including high end Restaurants, Museums, Corporate Offices, Urban Spaces, Housing, Interior Design and Art, focusing on space, lifestyle and function creating exceptional experiences.

His work has been published extensively in books, magazines, newspapers and digital media receiving numerous awards for his work such as IIDA Best Interiors
of Latina America 2012, Gold Medal V Biannual CIDI 2011, X Mexican Biannual Architecture 2008, Global Excellence Awards IIDA 2010, Iconos del Diseño 200 (Architectural Digest), WAF shortlisted 2008 among many others.

LOCATION: Condesa, Mexico