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Apartment in Cais do Sodré / Vasco Lima Mayer

This Apartment in Cais do Sodré is a seamless blend of Portuguese heritage and contemporary aesthetics

Apartment in Cais do Sodré / Vasco Lima Mayer

Project Name: Apartment in Cais do Sodré
Architects: Estudio Obra Prima (@estudioobraprima); Vasco Lima Mayer
Construction: Tojas Investimento; Tecniarte
Carpentry: J&J Teixeira
Location: Cais do Sodré, Lisboa, Portugal
Area: 403,00 m²
Start: 2019
Conclusion: 2020
Photo Credits: Fernando Guerra (@fernandogguerra)

Despite having a typical Lisbon design, with high ceilings and wide corridors, this project always had the objective of making a comfortable home within the parameters of contemporaneity.

Creating a parallel between the past and the present, part of its original structure was maintained, and some walls were recovered in order to preserve the original textures. The trimmings on the doors, shutters and wooden flooring were also maintained. All these elements create a narrative that lives in the space itself, making it a long story to tell. It is, without a doubt, an apartment with character and “life of its own”.

Apartment in Cais do Sodré / Vasco Lima Mayer

This project required an immense and subtle attention to the details. The choice of materials, pieces of furniture and works of art was made carefully.

This apartment in the margins of Tejo river, has seen its spirit renewed, becoming a colorful and cheerful space, like a mirror of what is the true soul of Lisbon capital.

living room

living area, dining room



entry hall

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