Candida Tabet Arquitetura

Daring, versatility, and balance are the principal characteristics of the work of Candida Tabet’s architectural office. Based in Sao Paulo since 1982 the Candida Tabet Arquitetura studio has realized residential, commercial, and institutional projects around the globe creatively combining architecture and interior design.
The designs are developed on the basis of research into materials and on elaborate construction, always taking into consideration the environments in which they are to come to life.
The projects are marked by contemporary design complemented by convenient and authentic solutions. There is no pre-determined script for the architectural incursions. In general they start with the overall layout and might terminate with the design of a very special lamp. The client’s briefing is the starting point combined with the analysis of how he/she interacts with his environment. From there to the choice of the elements which will ally experience and creation.
The harmony of the whole and a focus on details are signs of their skillful capacity to combine shapes, colors, and unusual contrasts uniting technology, comfort, and urbanity. The unique esthetic sense which takes shape in all of the projects – whether in the office of a modern advertising agency or in a beach house with futuristic lines and a touch of romanticism- demonstrates in different ways the immense potential of the contemporary, a language with which she shows herself to be clearly at ease.
Ample spaces divided only by visual barriers are solutions used with the deliberate intent to separate while at the same time creating harmony. A constant search for luminosity is another of their differentiating characteristics.