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About Idealists Studio

If we had been asked “Are you three, besides sharing offices, going to share your ideas, thoughts, same passion for architecture and develop a tight friendship?”, we would have answered “Not even in dreams.”. And yet we are here.

Our beginnings date back to the student years. On the subject Design and Composition, we got to know the basics of architecture design under the same mentorship. We collaborated on different architectural workshops, but the turning point for us was the competition for the Intergenerational centre in Changsha, China, for which we needed half a year of intense preparation. In that time, we got to know each other in all possible situations. Afterwards the journey took us first to China, where we presented our project, and later quite spontaneously to our first customers and project that led us to where we are today.

Idealists Studio is a small architectural office, composed of Urban, Urša and Tina. Our field of activity ranges from architecture, interior design, design of exhibition spaces and graphics design. We gained our experiences in different architectural offices in Slovenia and abroad, through our work as technical assistants at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, at different architectural workshops etc.

We believe that space is more than a physical and design element. For us, It’s a base for new stories, unforgettable experiences and pleasant feelings, created by the aesthetics of space.

LOCATION:‎ Ljubljana, Slovenia

Apartment Lady, Ljubljana / Idealists Studio

Apartment Lady, Ljubljana / Idealists Studio

When our team was chosen to design a new interior in one of Ljubljana’s newest buildings, the apartment was practically ready to move in – painted, with all the hardware installations, oak laminated parquet and a completed bathroom with ceramic tiles and sanitary equipment.

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