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About KAP Studios

Our work in cities all over the world has taught us a lot.

As architects and designers, we have worked at a range of scales, solving urban design problems for clients and users in cities as diverse as London, LA, Moscow, Bucharest and Cairo.

How do we develop cities that are both functional and beautiful? How do we design to accommodate the potentially conflicting needs for privacy and densification, for intimacy and grand civic gestures, for speed and contemplation, for accessibility and car free public realm? How do we break away from traditional design thinking to explore new typologies, new models and new solutions? In short, how do we make lives richer?

What we’ve learned from our experience, is that each city has its own particular conditions and culture, and each contributes to our deeper and collective understanding about the nature of 21st century urbanism; its challenges and the relevance and appropriateness of a variety of solutions.

We set up KAP Studios in response to a rapidly evolving urban context and a demand for a new sort of practice equipped to meet those challenges by being interrogative, creative and flexible. We use our collective experience to adapt lessons learnt in one city to solve problems in another.

We work in close and collaborative partnerships to identify opportunities, unlock value and deliver exceptional schemes. For us, this is about asking the right questions at the outset of a project and then coming up with the sometimes unexpected answers.

Whatever your project is, we would love to show you how commercially savvy, holistic, and globally informed design thinking can help. You can get in touch with us here.

Ben, Michael and Leni

LOCATION: London, UK / Los Angeles, CA
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