Lemmo Architecture and Design

Stephanie Lemmo and Ryan Lemmo
Stephanie Lemmo and Ryan Lemmo

Lemmo Architecture and Design (LA-N-D) is a full service contemporary architecture and design office based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2014 by Ryan and Stephanie Lemmo, a husband and wife team. We work on residential, commercial, and really anything in between. We are most interested in understanding the relationship between dwellings and the landscape they inhabit. We focus on a careful analysis of the building’s site to be sure we harmonize both building and environment. Whether it be an urban site responding to a complex interaction of existing buildings or a site within a beautiful untouched landscape, we strive to create architecture that is in sync with site, context, landscape, culture, and people. We design spaces to use natural materials, abundant sunlight, local fabricators, and skilled craftsmanship to make the most of resources and to bring an authentic sense of place. We engage each design project with an open and collaborative attitude, which allows for highly tailored solutions to emerge. Each project is distinct, and we love the challenge of developing beautiful and inspiring architecture suited to each unique site and client. As we see it, the built environment impacts the lives of too many people and uses too many resources to be built without careful planning.

LOCATION: Austin, Texas
LEARN MORE: la-n-d.com

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