Milan Apartment Renovation / Marcante Testa Architetti

For this apartment, set within a building from the late 1960 on Corso Sempione, the Turin-based duo has applied its immediately recognizable style to reinterpret a typical bourgeois Milanese home in a highly original way.

Confetti Tiles Designed by Marcante-Testa for Ceramica Vogue

“House of Tiles” is a new living space to represent the Confetti tiles collection and to experiment with new ways of using it. From floors to ceilings, passing through the kitchen, the bathroom cabinet up to the doors

Le Temps Retrouvé: Renovation of an Apartment in the Center of Milan

The Le Temps Retrouvé project calls for the renovation of an apartment of about 150 m2 in the center of Milan, with windows facing an internal garden. The visual relationship with nature was the guiding motivation behind the choice of this place on the part of the client

Another Venice House – Internal Renovation of Historic Building in Venice

The latest project by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa is in the most decorated city in the world, where an extraordinary architectural past struggles to absorb contemporary developments: a project for the renovation of a 19th-century building facing a small canal in Sestiere San Marco.

Small Holiday Apartment / Fun House by UdA Architects

The project for a small holiday apartment in Juan les Pins designed by UdA Architects, developed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa tackles the issue of holiday homes.

Fonction Et Fantasie – Renovation of an Apartment in Torino

Architects: Andrea Marcante, Carola Ripamonti / UdA Architects Project: Fonction Et Fantasie / Renovation of an Apartment in Torino Collaborators: Eirini Giannakopoulou Area: 100 sqm Location: Torino, Italy Photographer:...

Soft Home in Milan / Marcante-Testa

Architects: Marcante-Testa (UdA Architetti) Project: Soft Home Project manager: Giada Mazzero Collaborators: Alessia Castelli, Mattia Inno, Giulia La Delfa, Marilivia Minnici, Emanuele Protti, Agnieszka Slusarczyk Interactive and Visual...

Renovation of an Apartment in Turin / Marcante – Testa

Architects: A. Marcante / A. Testa (UDA Architects) Project: Apartment in Turin Team: Mattia Inno, Giulia La Delfa, Giada Mazzero, Marilivia Minnici Area: 160 sqm Location: Turin, Italy Photographer:...

Cose Da Bocia Collection – Fusions of Pastels Shades and Eco-friendly Materials

Project: Cose Da Bocia Collection/ Collection Website Design: Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa (UdA Architects) Cose Da Bocia, the first kid’s collection of furniture designed by...

French Metal Rack: Renovation of Family Apartment in Paris

The project French Metal Rack, designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa, involves the restructuring of a 180 m² apartment in Paris for Isis...

Metaphysical Remix – Renovation of Apartment in Turin

Metaphysical Remix is the name of an interior design project completed by Turin-based UdA - Architetti Associati. Description by UdA: The project designed by Andrea Marcante...