Andrea Marcante set up UdA architecture firm in 1992, where he was joined by Adelaide Testa in 2004. In 2014 Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa set up “MARCANTE-TESTA / UdA Architects”, a research oriented firm focusing on architecture, design and company consulting in the field of materials and furniture.

The interior architecture projects designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa aim to gain synergic control over the various aspects of interior design, ranging from architecture to furnishing accessories, without allowing either to take precedence over the other.

LOCATION: Torino, Italy

Soft Home in Milan

Soft Home in Milan / Marcante-Testa

Architects: Marcante-Testa (UdA Architetti) Project: Soft Home Project manager: Giada Mazzero Collaborators: Alessia Castelli, Mattia Inno, Giulia La Delfa, Marilivia Minnici, Emanuele Protti, Agnieszka Slusarczyk Interactive and Visual Design: H-Art Location: Milan, Italy Photography: Stefano Pavesi, Max Zambelli (courtesy Elle Decor Italia) The project Soft Home by Marcante-Testa for the exhibition curated by Elle Decor

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