Soft Home in Milan / Marcante-Testa

Soft Home in Milan

Architects: Marcante-Testa (UdA Architetti)
Project: Soft Home
Project manager: Giada Mazzero
Collaborators: Alessia Castelli, Mattia Inno, Giulia La Delfa, Marilivia Minnici, Emanuele Protti, Agnieszka Slusarczyk
Interactive and Visual Design: H-Art
Location: Milan, Italy
Photography: Stefano Pavesi, Max Zambelli (courtesy Elle Decor Italia)

The project Soft Home by Marcante-Testa for the exhibition curated by Elle Decor Italia invites you to explore the new frontiers of living on an interactive digital journey through the historic Palazzo Bovara.

In a succession of rooms with the classic look of a period apartment, a contemporary home comes to life thanks to an interiors project where an articulated system redefines the stateliness of the rooms, bringing them back to a domestic scale, and picking up the difficult challenge of incorporating high-end technologies.

Soft Home in Milan 1

A home that we refer to as Soft because it is characterised by an idea of Soft-ness spread throughout welcoming and comfortable interiors, furnished with designer pieces and custom-made décor, standing on an oversized rug designed with new geometries as a counterpoint to the existing decorative system and supporting soft-tech experiences that interact with the guests.

Soft Home in Milan 2

The installation project, curated by H-Art for the interaction and visual design side, came about from a reflection in progress for some time on incorporating smart technologies into everyday living, and in the architectural and furniture project : on their positive value in helping us simplify our lives, in responding to small and large needs, in keeping us connected with those who are far away, in sharing experiences, in bringing the outside world inside domestic walls, in helping us enjoy our free time, because “staying in is the new going out”.

Soft Home in Milan 3

“The soft-tech experience of Soft Home incorporates those innovations that are accelerating the changes in our lives: ‘the Internet of things’, ‘tangible interfaces’, ‘deep learning’, ‘biometric sensors’ and ‘big data’. The interfaces we have designed communicate with their users in an empathetic, personal and even ironic way. They learn from behaviour”.

Soft Home in Milan 4

“Our digital world – explains H-Art – means it is possible for us to have our archive of memories available to use, a personalised collection of art works, our film library, an invisible chef who helps us in choosing the menu, a personal coach who advises us how to take on the day in the best possible way. Spaces to find ourselves again, to listen to and visualise our emotions, to relive the time spent away from home like in a film. To be experienced first-hand.”

Soft Home in Milan 5

Soft Home in Milan 8

Soft Home in Milan 10

Soft Home in Milan 12

Soft Home in Milan 13

Soft Home in Milan 15

Soft Home in Milan 17

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