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SOUP Architects / Patrick Walls, Jamie Le Gallez and Max Babbe
Patrick Walls, Jamie Le Gallez and Max Babbe / SOUP Architects

About SOUP Architects

Founded in early 2012 by friends Max, Jamie & Patrick, SOUP Architects started as a small practice with some big ambitions.

All working in other practices before SOUP, we were able to draw on over 60 years worth of industry experience to develop a new, young and dynamic practice that focussed on giving our clients the best possible professional service and continue to develop our approach to architecture and design.

With over 89 completed projects, 5 RIBA Awards and 2 studios since 2012, SOUP has gained a momentum that none of us expected.

We are friendly, approachable, and able to tailor our services to meet the needs of projects from small extensions, up to multi-unit housing developments. We are proud that most of our work comes to us through recommendations, with former clients often becoming great friends.

We are passionate about inspiring others and sharing our work and methods, and are often invited to lecture at universities.

Everyone who works at SOUP has something different to add to the SOUP. We embrace a design dialogue within the practice and hope that by challenging each other, the design gets more refined. We encourage our clients to engage in this process too, as we believe that it makes it far more enjoyable, but also results in a much better result.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom