Swatt | Miers Architects

Kojima House / Swatt Miers Architects

Nestled in a clearing, the Kojima House has unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay to the east, the valley of Kent-Woodlands to the south and the mountains to the west.

Swatt Miers Architects Serves Up California Cool with a Warm Modern Twist

Bay Area firm Swatt Miers Architects (SMA) is highly regarded for creating timeless designs that celebrate the natural environment. Three exquisitely composed custom residences showcase the studio's mastery at harmonizing form, space and nature

Cheng Brier House / Swatt Miers Architects

The 6,000 square foot Cheng Brier house is located on a dramatic down-sloping hillside in Tiburon, California, with spectacular and unobstructed views of San Francisco, San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge to the south.

Blue Oaks House / Swatt Miers Architects

The design of Blue Oaks house is organized around three cast-in-place concrete core elements - a stair landing, the powder room, and a portion of the guest suite - that step with the land. Walls and deep overhangs of Western Red Cedar boards span between and slide by the concrete core elements ...

This Vineyard House Provide Casual Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

The plan of the Vineyard house was designed to respond to family living, with public or shared areas on the ground floor and bedrooms above. The master bedroom is separated from the children’s rooms by a bridge spanning the double-height great room that takes up the majority of the lower level.

Mora Estates House in the Heart of Silicon Valley

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Mora Estates house boasts an amazing view of the Bay, and the rolling hills. The home is organized to best frame the view to the Bay in three parallel bands.