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Riccardo Zen

About Zen Architects

Respect, knowledge and a consideration for people and the natural environment define both our work and our design philosophy. Within our architecture, we aim to realise each client’s unique vision while also maximising the potential inherent in each site.

Our interest in contemporary culture and construction technology ensures that our buildings provide unprecedented design solutions that function at the highest level for life.

Zen Architects is an award winning, Melbourne based practice with 31 years experience in the design and development of environmentally, socially and financially sustainable buildings. Zen Architects was established in 1989 by Riccardo Zen. Our work is spread across Australia with a primary focus in inner Melbourne, the North and Eastern suburbs, coastal and rural regions of Victoria.

From inception to realisation our process exemplifies a high level of ecologically sustainable design in which ideas are tested, refined and followed through to completion.

Our construction knowledge is invaluable in developing accurate projections of cost and timing. This knowledge also plays an important role in our ability to determine the most viable forms, materials, finishes, systems and maintenance requirements for each project, ensuring that we both address the brief and meet the budget.

Through our commitment to supporting local design and manufacturing and in our efforts to bring affordable sustainable architecture to as many people as possible, we are not only a client-focused and forward-thinking practice but one that aims to positively impact the wider community.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
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