Old Montreal Loft: spectacular project by ActDesign

Old Montreal Loft modern and charismatic project by ActDesign

Placed in one of the oldest areas of Montreal, known, unsurprisingly, as Old Montreal, this loft was designed by ActDesign in 2014. In London and Montreal, as well as in Los Angeles, ActDesing received awards for the modern and charismatic project dubbed Old Montreal Loft. Initially, this space was built with the purpose of being used as a refrigeration space, so the architects were able to take advantage of sturdy concrete structure of the building. Being placed portside, the loft benefits from an amazing panoramic view.

Old Montreal Loft modern and charismatic project

A combination of sheer concrete and a white background gets its warmth from the abundance of wood. The brightly finished parquetry not only harmonizes with the dominant white, but it also adds to the lighting, making the Old Montreal Loft a “brilliant” residence. Bright red accents bring life to the setting, offering dynamism and joy to the general atmosphere of the place. Modern works of art contribute to the strong, established identity of the residence, breathing life into the space and opening the pathway to relaxation and meditation.

Montreal Loft modern and charismatic project by ActDesign

Loft  project by ActDesign, Canada

modern and charismatic project by ActDesign

Montreal Loft by ActDesign


Old Montreal Loft

Montreal Loft modern interior design

interior design project by ActDesign

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