11 sqm Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio

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Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio

Designer: Batiik Studio / Sarah Chayeb
Project: Paris Studio Apartment
Location: Paris, France
Area: 11 m2
Year 2017
Photography: Bertrand Fompeyrine

Small yet extremely functional, this Paris studio apartment is an inspiring design gem. Situated in Paris 10th arrondissement it has a small kitchenette, a shower, a pull-out sofa bed and a wardrobe.

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 1

The space is characterized by archways and tinted alcoves, all of which fit inside an 11 sqm space. The owners of the space wanted to create a quaint and welcoming interior that they could easily Airbnb. The muted natural color scheme allowed the designers to separate the internal programs by color. Amenities are tucked away in hidden compartments, including a dining table, fridge, and bathroom.

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 2

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 3

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 4

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 5

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 6

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 7

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 8

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 11

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 9

Paris Studio Apartment by Batiik Studio 10

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